Aprenda Inglês


Below you are going to find a list of engaging short stories and tasks for you to enjoy learning English. To make the most of your experience, we suggest following these steps:

1. Listen: Start by listening to the audio of the story or task. We recommend listening to it a few times, perhaps three or four, to familiarize yourself with the content.

2. Read: After listening, take some time to read the text to yourself. This will reinforce your understanding and allow you to absorb the details.

3. Listen again: Once you’ve read the text, listen to the audio one more time. This step helps you connect the written words with their spoken counterparts, enhancing your comprehension.

4. Read and listen together: Now, it’s time to combine the two! Read the text while listening to the audio simultaneously. This synchronized approach will reinforce your learning and make it more enjoyable.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun throughout this process. Enjoy the stories and tasks to the fullest! 😊

English drops:

Curupira and the visitors

The Holy Book and languages

I’ve got you under my skin

Words U Need

The North Wind and the Sun

Lullaby by Creed

21 words to an old song

Black cats bring us good luck

What’s love got to do

The Birds Lesson

Farmer Jones and the One-eared Dog

The Hare and the Tortoise

The Hippopotamus and the Mathematical Problem

The Emperor’s New Clothe

The true value of things

Getting Divorced


* Make sure to check this page frequently for exciting new entries!

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