Black Cats

Black cats bring us good luck

Think about it, actually they don’t have to give us anything. Black cats have a right to life just like any other being on this planet. Respect their lives, that’s a good start.

Cats! Some people love them, some people hate them. Those who hate certainly don’t know them. Either way, let them live their cats lives, please.

Cats being cats

They won’t be your friends just because you put a bowl of milk in front of them. They will be, well, if they see in you someone they can trust. Cats have a certain “sixth sense” (maybe even a seventh) for these things.


In ancient times, the Egyptians believed that cats had contact with the world of the dead and that they protected their owner from evil spirits. So much so that when the cat’s owner died, the animal was sacrificed so that it could accompany its owner’s spirit and guide him after death.


May be because of this, nowadays, there are still people who use cats in black magic rituals. Black cats and, amazingly, totally white cats, are the preferred ones. If you have one of these, watch out for them, especially near Friday the 13th!

Here in Brazil we are wary of people looking only for black cats to adopt. Any way, it is always good to do your research before giving the kitty away! Avoid giving your furry little friend to the wrong person.


Cats, whether black, brown, gray,… are the nicest things you can have around. They are extremely loyal and loving. With rare exceptions, they don’t like to be petted on the belly, but a little scratch behind the ear… Ahhhhhh! They melt!

Experience – Andrea Bonatelli

“I have a little black panther like that at home: Luna! She came out of nowhere, following my other cats (each one of a different color). She came into the house and…. has been part of the family for about 5 years! Wherever I go, she goes with me! Whether it’s just to sleep (she thinks she has to sleep next to us) or even just moving around the house.  Luna can’t see a hand ready to caress her, she crawls underneath it, asking for love!”


Let them stay close to you. There is a plethora of stories about cats that will thrill you. Cats are all good. Dogs are all good, too! Animals are all good!

Give them a chance

Whether they are black, white, spotted, striped… There are many lost in the streets, and in the municipal kennels, they are waiting for the chance to have a home and be loved by someone. Believe me, the love you will receive back will be absolutely gratifying.


Finally, is a black cat bad luck? Of course not. Bad luck for those who don’t know them! I hope one of them will soon be part of your life. Cats give a lot of love! Good luck!

PS..: #everyactioncounts

Sometimes you can’t have a pet at home, it’s a shame. Then think about the possibility of helping the Zoonosis Center in your city. (In Guarujá there is an extra page in the IPTU (property tax) booklet where we can make a donation to the Zoonosis Center, it is a single amount per year, less than 10 USD.).



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