Tanquinho – The Best Corn Festival in Sao Paulo



What a great time we had eating corn and learning more about it at the Tanquinho Annual Corn Festival. The 2011 annual Corn Party is held every year for four weeks between March and April. Not only we had a great time exploring the beautiful countryside near Limeira and Piracicaba cities but we learned a lot about corn and corn food as we visited the show.

Tanquinho is just a small village, part of Piracicaba city, far from down town in the middle of seemingly endless fields of sugarcane. They do plant the most of corn they use. And in the slide show bellow you will have a very good idea how it is all processed and sold in many different shapes and flavors during the festival. This was already its 37th edition.

A highlight is that all the corn is harvested and treated as the party is taking place. In the slide show it is possible to follow all that. They go get the corn frech from the fields, peel it, clean, cook on the cob or take it out of the cob for other recipes like fritters, cural and many others.

People from all nearby towns come to eat, have fun and learn about this important product. Even people from as far as Santos and São Paulo, both respectively, 300 and 200 km away from Tanquinho.

According to Joao Guilherme, an enginner from Guarulhos in Sao Paulo, he loves corn based food and he added “we come every year with the whole family”. “To make the party even better every weekend different groups of artists are brought in to present their music, special country ones. I love it”, he add. 


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