The power of Curupira’s tale

A group of travelers ventured into the Amazon rainforest, taking pictures, captivated by its beauty.

As they prepared to eat, a wise Yanomami indian named Manaue and his son Kopenê joined them.

Manaue shared a amazing story about the Curupira the forest protector:

“According to forest people’s tales, the Curupira is a master of illusions and mischief, especially towards those who show disrespect to the forest or its inhabitants. It plays tricks on hunters, leading them astray through the dense foliage, making them lose their way.

Whenever someone harms the animals or trees, the Curupira shows them visions, revealing the consequences of their actions, and teaching them valuable lessons about the importance of living in harmony with nature.”

The tale facinated them and connected them to Yanomami culture – taught them to treat nature kindly.

Enveloped in the magical atmosphere of Manaue’s storytelling, they appreciated nature even more.

Greatful for the experience, they promised to carry the story with them and share their knowledge with others.

Their journey continued, understanding the power of simple stories to preserve the wonders of our planet for future generations.

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