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​Last May (20, 21,22, 23rd) another edition of Bett Brazil Educar took place in São Paulo, Brazil. Educar is one of the most important education event in Latin America today. For four days over 18,000 visitors from all over the contry could closely follow the news and educational technological trends presented by approximately 250 exhibitors.

The event is a meeting point for educators, school adms, managers, engineers and public officials. Bett Educar promoted access to more than 165 activities that took place simultaneously in 11 auditoriums. The training activities attracted about 12,000 participants.

As a CJ and a teacher I was at home. From the first to the second day, I decided to consult people I know from many different countries about problems in education. “Where does it hurt”, I asked. “If you had to name a major problem in your county, concerning education, what would it be?

Check the answers:

Ana Carmen Foschini – Brazil.  To invest in the teacher´s formation and carrier, in order to make it more attractive and respected.

Claire Ulrich – France.  Our challenge is racial. Integrating pupils of African and Arabic descent. Islam is becoming a problem in schools too.  Islam is becoming a problem because education is based in France on a strict secular rule. The problem affects special diets, special religious festivals, etc. France is not equipped with its secular rule to deal with religious demands in the public space such a the school.

Jean K. Min – Suth Korea.  Hi there..For a country long accustomed to the universal access to basic education, the increasing polarization of the education market where only wealthy few enjoy premium service while the rest of students are increasingly deprived of an opportunity to enjoy higher education is the biggest issue currently. One survey shows that near 40% of the freshmen students of Seoul National University, the top university in South Korea, was from Gangnam, the most affluent corner of the country.

Rajen Nair – India.  Education that makes you think, provokes you to ask questions, makes us in inquisitive and less depended on rote learning to pass.

Retty N. Hakim – Indonesia.  Personally, I think the biggest challenge is to keep growing or developing our younger generation into the international standard while keeping the local wisdom such as respecting elders, helping each other, etc. The television, and the internet has delivered the western values, which is sometimes taken without filtering. Drugs is one of those traps that can ruin our youngsters.

Tim Weaver – USA.  Easy. Total control of the primary/secondard (before college) of the education system by the teach unions. Stifles new ideas and competition and their main concern are the teachers and not the kids. Need more charter schools.

I also asked Dr. Agusto Cury, a Brazilian physician, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and writer. He developed the Multifocal Theory, about the functioning of the mind and the construction process of thought.

The following is a transcript of an exclusive interview he granted during Bett Educar show where he was as one of the main panelist.

“I have been published in more than 70 countries and for me, not just the education in Brazil but of all modern civilization is sick, forming sick people for a sick society. Because we have chosen the wrong path, we bombed the cerebral cortex of children, teenagers and college students with millions of data about the outside world, teaching mathematics, physics, chemistry and professional skills in universities but we did not teach them to meet the most complex all the planets, the planet called “human mind”.

We have to move from the Information Age to the era of the “I as a manager of the human mind” and to develop the “I as a manager of the human mind” is essential not only to teach the cognitive functions such as thinking, memory, deduction, induction, synthesis , logical thinking.

We need to develop an agenda to teach non-cognitive functions, which are: think before reacting, put yourself in someone else´s shoes, work out loss and frustrations, resilience, filter stressful stimuli, protect the emotion, manage anxiety among many other functions not cognitive, think as humans.

No one is worthy of maturity and emotional health if he or she is just think as a social group, religious, intellectual and political. We need to think as a human family, go beyond, touch the essence. There are no differences in the backstage of our minds between Palestinians and Jews, hetero and homosexuals, celebrities and anonymous, intellectuals and illiterate.

Especially because as just I spoke on an interview for a large television news CO that even the beggar who roams the streets and has delusions that the world conspires against him, he is as complex in the process of his thoughts as Einstein who produced the theory of relativity.

When we study thought construction process, which is the last frontier of science, and with great humility, I have had the privilege of developing one of the few global theories, for 30 years about the nature of thoughts, unconscious phenomena that build on milliseconds and the kinds of thoughts and the “I as a manager of the human mind” It is clear to me that our species staring at the brink of impossibility because not developed non-cognitive functions most important to free minds we form with a healthy emotion.

Therefore, I reiterate, to conclude that for audiences of judges, the National Congress, the Supreme Court, in countries that I have given lectures, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, the United States, Europe … never in free societies there were so many slaves in one place that is inadmissible be prisoners within yourself.

The prison population in the world is no more than 1% in democratic society but, as I say in my books “Seller of Dreams”, “Intelligence and Happiness”, “The Stolen Code”, the prison population in the territory of emotion reaches 99%. Then physically 1% are trapped in prisons, in dungeons and 99% free but 99% are emotionally arrested, imprisoned on emotion and at most 1% free. So we have to change the education of the information age to the era of the self as leader of the theater of the human mind as emotion manager!”

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