Erectile Dysfunction Real Importance


When we talk about Erectile Dysfunction (ED) the main concern of men
and women is related to sex. It is just natural – the most obvious.
But much more important than the issue of sex is what ED may indicate:
circulatory problems, hypertension, clogged arteries, high
cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

Ironically, the problem of sex is the smallest of all in that
perspective and easiest to solve. It’s simple, it need not be for only
a doctor to understand: the penis works with blood, correct? If blood
circulation is normal, it will work. Otherwise not, or not as well as
we desire.

The five simple recommendations bellow are part of a program created
by Dr. Steven Lamm from University of New York Medical Center. Lamm is
known for starring in a television show on ABC (America). In 2005, he
launched the book ‘The Hardness Factor’. Books like that sell more if
you address them to the sexual related problem – the bad side effect
becomes the star.

Five steps to improve your your heart health/sexual performance:

– Reduce fatty food intake
– Consider weight loss according to the Body Mass Index (BMI) measure
– Participate in regular exercise
– Consume green tea
– Walk over 10,000 steps per day, in tandem with exercise

In the summary ahead, from the book ‘The Hardness Factor’, I’ve tried
to get all the crucial information about Dr. Steven Lamm’s health
program. Have in mind that by doing what the Doctor suggests what we
are taking good care of is actually of great importance: our heart and
the whole circulatory system. All the rest are positive side effects
(and possible good sex included!).

Note: Good sex is something relative – if everything is fine with us,
good sex on our human perspective is something to be learned.


Egg yolk, butter and fatty red meats should be reduced. According to
Dr. Lamm, the fats damage the blood vessels, preventing them to
respond appropriately to sexual stimuli transmitted from the brain to
the penis. More: the penile nerves lose their sensitivity to the
accumulation of cholesterol.

Try to eat 10% less than you used to eat at meals. That’s important
because the total calories in your gut affects the amount of
testosterone available to you. The more calories, less testosterone,
says Lamm. Later he adds: make right decisions at the dinner. The
right choices will not burden the digestive system, and the blood will
go to where you really need. Avoid cocktails before going to the table
and move away from foods with excess salt. Consume olive oil or
vinegar instead of salad dressings and remove all visible fat from

According to Dr. Lamm, exercise is the best way to improve the
resistance of the penis/heart. Exercise awakens the sexual appetite
and strengthens self-esteem, positively affecting the brain waves that
make you feel energized. The practice also releases substances that
prevent fatigue during sex and increases levels of testosterone;
libido empowering.

Green tea is something not to be taken for granted. Green tea has been
said to help in everything from weight loss to cancer prevention. It
is a strong source for antioxidants and raises our metabolism. Today
we have green tea pills, but those are not as good as the real tea
itself, reportedly. Green tea is not like an energetic drink. This
must become a habit and a cup every day will do the job.

Finally, make your heart pump blood better, try to increase by 5000
steps your daily walk – a pedometer, a device that records that, can
help in keeping track. The ideal, according to recent research, are
10, 000 steps a day to improve fitness and reduce weight. And as the
pointer of the balance goes down, the erections will, literally, go up
and remain aloft for much longer.

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