Cubans in US Are Sceptical About Latest Events
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Cubans in US Are Sceptical About Latest Events

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Victoria Medina is a dear friend of mine in Florida. She works and lives in Miami. Victoria is a charming vibrant lady who managed to get way from Cuba and into US where she is a model citizen. She has full filled her American dream without forgetting of her past. She has a son and two grandchildren born in US. Like her, 2 million order Cubans live, work and grow in Florida.

I asked her for this interview so we could get a feeling of how the latest news about Fidel Castro’s resignation impact on Cubans in FL.

About three weeks ago Castro’s brother, Raul Castro Ruz, was nominated president buy the Cuba’s general parliament. And many annalists say that if there will be changes they won’t happen that fast. I went on straight forward and ask Victoria how she was perceiving the news on the matter.

Victoria: We are still waiting to see what will really change.

How long is it since you left Cuba?

Victoria: I left Cuba almost 28 years ago in May 7th, 1980

Do you still have relatives in Cuba?

Victoria: I have uncles, aunts, and many cousins.

How do you feel this changes impact on the Cuban community in Miami?

Victoria: I don’t think there has been any change whatsoever that would impact the Miami Cuban community or the Cubans in the island as still the same people are in power.

Do you think about going back to Cuba?

Victoria: I would visit my family and my country only when democracy is reinstated to show to my son where his parents were born and his roots and how beautiful our country is.

What are your hopes?

Victoria: My hopes are that very soon this dictatorship that has last extremely long in our country is over and all Cubans together rescue our roots, our families and our country regardless of where we ended of leaving because of the government that have ruled Cuba for almost five decades.

Up date: 03-31-21
Nothing has changed so far.

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