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My dear new friend Júlia Tygel is now on her way to the Big Apple to study more music and to share her art. I have been following her career since I met her and her talented friend Adriana Holtz at CPFL while they were performing. CPFL is an energy company in Campinas, Sao Paulo, that hosts many cultural projects. One these is “Sarau Cultural no Cafe,” a venue for new artists to perform and introduce their works.

The second half of the 1960s in Brazil was marked by numerous music festivals. MPB was born then, MPB stands for Musica Popular Brasileira (Brazilian Popular Music). It was also in the 60’s that the stardom of artists that started to appear among the big names in Brazilian MPB were first recognized. Names such as Edu Lobo, Chico Buarque, Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil, among many others.


Fact, not very often you will see those two, MPB & Classical Music, hand in hand… when you do it is worth paying close attention to. That is exactly the case with Julia Tygel, classical pianist and composer, who launched a CD and show entitled “Julia Tygel – Entremeados”. 

“Entremeados” is a word in Portuguese that has to do with the entwining. And that is exactly what Ms.Tygel has achieved with extensive research and years of hard work. In this CD and her latest shows, Julia Tygel re-interprets a couple of those MPB artists epics.

As I had the opportunity to sit and listen to that music I was impressed by how well it made me feel. I really thought to myself “this is not just music this is like a curative balsam”. That realisation, ecstasy and feeling of well being was actually overwhelming to me. I am much more the pop music type of person. This entwining has brought me closer to the classical world in a way that will sure change approach to it.
 But there is more. A quick research on the web and I found the American Music Therapy Association they gave substance to what I was feeling: Yes, music can really cure! According to AMTA “Music therapy interventions can be designed to address a variety of healthcare & educational goals: Promote Wellness, Manage Stress, Alleviate Pain, Express Feelings, Enhance Memory, Improve Communication, Promote Physical Rehabilitation and more.”

I asked Ms. Tygel about this and said:That’s right, there are many studies and conferences in this area. It is as interesting as yet misterious.” and “All the effort we make (arranging or composing), using either rational or intuitive tools, is to somehow reach deeper into each person…

Well, my dear friend,  if you are in NY area I strongly advise you follow Ms Tygel via MySpace and if you´d have the opportunity go and listen to her work for yourself. The best of the Brazilian Popular music entwined with classical, a must see. (myspace/juliatygel) . Then let me know how you felt and feel, ok?

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