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Santos is a very nice city.  It is located in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.  Santos is the home city of Pelé and of the ascending football star Neymar, and the city where their beloved team, “Santos Futebol Clube”, was founded in 1912.

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Santos city has a port. It is Brazil’s leading port in container traffic. Actually, since 2006, Santos Port is the busiest container port in Latin America. The terrestrial access system to the port is made up by the Anchieta and Imigrantes highways and by railroads.

Scene from Santos Port

Notice, this is a big cosmopolitan port city by the sea. A place with many natural resources and beauties. The infrastructure and the clean well cultivated gardens and sidewalks by the shoreline gives it a special touch.

Santos garden just by the beach

The city is so close to the capital of the state that many people live in Santos and go to work in São Paulo daily. In regular conditions it is a 40 minutes trip only. That is also one of the reasons the port is so strategic.

[Imigrantes image]

Personally I prefer Guarujá, very close by, to enjoy the beach, the sea water (many people from Santos do too). But for leisure, sports and the night Santos is the place. Now, the activities on the sand in Santos are top. Many games take place, shows… Lots of people meet on the sand to enjoy the day playing soccer, volleyball and many other games.

Guarujá – Enseada beach

I live in Guarujá, which a small island close to the continent and just beside Santos. From Guarujá we often go to Santos by bicycle. Crossing from Guarujá to Santos is very common. There are boats of many sizes and ferryboats. One may cross for free if cycling.


Cycling in Guarujá is ok, in Santos it is a very pleasant experience. Recently a public bicycle system was implemented with numerous pick-up and drop-off points, available for short-term uses for small fee. The new service exceeded 19,000 trips in less than a month of operation.

[ciclovia e bikes img]

So if you are planning a trip to Brazil, to São Paulo state, and want to make more of your time around consider staying in Santos. It is an strategic city to stay (to live): one hour from all major airports, close to São Paulo downtown and very pleasant. If you lucky enough, while here you will be able to see Neymar playing at Vila Belmiro Stadium.

Vila Belmiro – Santos Futebol Clube


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