Hi folks!

Why I'm here

Life can be fun.

All I do is to give it a chance… I go with and against the flow, what leads me is adventure and pleasure.

I love to get to know people. Last July I had the great opportunity to getting to know many Koreans and a little of Korea itself, I really enjoyed it. You may read about that at OhmyNews International.

This was something I was not expecting. Out of a sudden I open my e-mail there it is: a invitation to participate in the 2007 OhmyNews International Forum. I had been chosen together with 24 other people out of more than 3000 collaborator to go to Korea with everything paid for.

I dropped on my knees and thanked God first of all. Hallelujah!!! “Alla Wackbar”!!!
In my pantheistic euphoria, I remembered Paulo Coelho, the world famous Brazilian writer who said “the universe conspires for our good”.

I am glad to say I have friends all over the world, some I know well, others not so much. Some I have had the opporutunity to meet personally, other only via the web… But who knows, you see, I have never – even in my wildest dreams – imagined myself going to Korea – but I did go.

Kansamnida OhmyNews!!!! (kansamnida means thank you very much in Korean)

Open heart, open mind, love and care for people can take us far beyond our imagination. This blog I wanna try to keep trying to just do that.

Take care, and thank for comments!!

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