The wicked

The Wolf and the Lamb
by Aesope

One day, a wolf saw a lamb drinking water from the same source down at some distance.

The cunning wolf thought of a plan to fool the lamb, and eat him.

So he shouted down at the lamb,

– How dare you make the water dirty I am drinking?

– You must be mistaken, sir… Said the poor lamb gently. The water flows from you to me and not from me to you. So, I am not making the Water dirty for you.”

The wolf began thinking cunningly of some other talk to make an issue.
– Do you remember calling me with all sorts of abusive words, just a year ago?
Said the wolf to the lamb.

– But, sir, I was not born a year ago, the lamb replied.

The wolf said in a loud voice:
– Then your father must have abused me long ago.

The lamb said:
– I apologise on behalf of my father.

– You are arguing with me! Said the wolf. Let me teach you and your family will learn a good lesson…

Saying this, the wolf jumped upon the poor lamb, killed him and ate him.

MORAL :Any Excuse will serve a wicked person.


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